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Brian, just for your info, I got a rebuildable 258 from another Jeeper for free. He gave it to me after he had it awhile and couldn't seem
to get rid of it. It had 150,000 miles on it and was still running OK.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)

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Seems like one man's junk is another man's treasure.

They do make great boat anchors, though.....

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I sold a good running 258 from a 1980 CJ 5 for $400.00 last summer. I had many calls after it sold. Your best bet may to be to call a junk yard and ask them to locate you a good 258 and see what they price it at. Good luck

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I had to pay $ 150.00 for a good block.
The head isn't worth a lot unless you can find someone who has cracked theirs.
If your valve job is recent, $ 75.00 - $100.00 would be a fair price since a valve job us usually that or more.
The oil pan is worth $ 50.00


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I've got a tired 258 that I'll give to anybody who will come to KC to get it.

Actually I could have gotten $200 for it as a core motor. I bought a 350 TPI out of a firebird complete,
and I mean complete, A/C compressor, alternator and power steering pump, plus the computer for $700
and a $200 core deposit. I later went back and bought both electric radiator fans out of the same car
with the relays for $30. The 350 turned out to be a 305 but still I figured I had taken advantage of the guy
bad enough so I never took the core back even though he was willing to give back the $200 for the 258.


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Data points from so ca... I bought a core long-block from one of the mechanics at a local Jeep dealership, for $75. It needed 'everything', including a re-bore. But, it was not 'hurt'... it had never been run out of water or oil.
My local 'serve-yourself' wrecking yards get 150, including the core charge. Pot luck. But, you can disassemble and inspect, before you buy.
And, the local 'serve-'em-up' wreckers ask for more, in the 250-to-300-range. They will usuall promise no-smoke, no cracks, no flat cranks.
And, a big local wrecker that only sells 'good' stuff, gets 5-600, and he gives a six-month warranty (standard), or a 12-month warranty, if you pay a little more.
'Needs new rings' on a 258 usually means that it needs a rebore. Cracked heads, and heads that have had crack repairs, are so common for 258's, that I am always skeptical. Even a core at 75, I would need an option to inspect the head, first. If you have a receipt for the head work, and it includes cleaning, inspect for cracks, and no notes about cracks or crack-repairs, would be a definite plus to me.
Best wishes.

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