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I could use a little help please. I just got this 82 and the engine compartment is a mess with wires and vacuum hoses everywhere mostly disconnected.
I have contacted a few people to try and get a shop manual but so far nothing. Would anyone be able to post a wiring diagram and maybe a vacuum diagram for the six please.
I have a problem with the rear gate window. It works when it feels like it, mostly not, and I am sure it is wiring as well does anyone know if there is a common fault with these or will I just have to "wring out" the wiring for the unit?
The six will crank but no fire to the plugs. Wires are good and new cap and rotor along with the new fuel pump. I dont know what to check for at the ignition module and not sure of the wiring because some has been removed from the factory bundled sheath. There are some splices and a general mess going on in there. Any help would be appreciated.
Anyone in or near Florida with parts, mostly interior, please contact me.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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