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\'82 Bronco & NOn-adjustable distributor timing

Hey Gang,
My 82 Bronc' equipped w/ a 302 & non-adjustable timing( I think it's the Duraspark III system, cuz that's the only ign. system that I know of, that doesn't have an adjustable distributor) She cranks over but won't catch and when I try to reset her timing she starts to spit gas out the carb from disgust! So far I have replaced the waterpump, fuel pump, plug wires, spark plugs, and coil! She used to run strong but ever since I replaced the waterpump, I had began to replace most of my ignition system. I don't believe it could be the timing chain/sprockets because she was running perfectly fine until I replaced the waterpump. DO ANY OF YA GUYS KNOW HOW MANY DeGREES SHE HAS TO BE SET BTDC? It says in the Bronco service manual to look @ the underhood sticker, but that has been gone for quite some time now.In order to set the timing do I (A) Line up the notch in the harmonic balancer to the pointer on the timing cas, then set the distributor back down in the block and point the rotor to the #1 terminal on the cap (B) Line up the appropriate degrees on the harmonic balancer to the piointer on the timing case then set the distributor down" . . . . . " or (C) get a couple sticks of dynamite and blow the 302 out of the Bronc' and drop in the bigblock that's sittin in my backyard?????? PLEASE, any help,comments, or ideas would be duely noted. . .

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Re: \'82 Bronco & NOn-adjustable distributor timing

Jeremy, to set the timing "rough", pull plug #1 bring up on compression stroke (TDC or close) Crank marks can get you dead on. The rotor should be on #1. Start there. Now, my 302 in a former Mustang did the same thing. Fine when I parked it, then wouldnt start. Your carb backfireing is a sign. My chain had slipped. I was always trying to get it to run 180 out, and it wanted to start. Really frustrated me! So, remember, line the crank up at TDC (by Compression) and hope the dist lines up with #1 Good Luck- Rick-
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