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\'80 wagoneer drivetrain ID

hi guys. dont get angry with me because i drive a chevy!! im building a jeep strictly for trail duty....that will be towed by my chevy!! OK...really...does any one know what would come in a '80 4 dr. wagoneer with a v8 and an auto trans? any help would be nice. THANKS!!!

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Re: \'80 wagoneer drivetrain ID

amc 360 ( maybe a 304 or something else if ever swapped) a TF727 tranny, and a New process 208 tranny if it has lockout front hubs, a New process 219 or 228 if its full time maybe a new process 229, or 218 or 298785745.456

they had a few variants, I had a 80 model with tf727 and NP208 that wasnt fulltime and had lockout front hubs.

do a web search for IFSJA and do some research there, lots of info
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