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8.8" ratio Q's

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8.8\" ratio Q\'s

really simple couple of tech question on the 8.8" diffs here.
1) what ratios are common on explorers, and which ratios relate to which models ( eg: do autos use, say 3.54's, manuals 4.10's, ang anything with 'towing' or 'off-road' packages 4.30's, etc)
2) does anyone know what the common ratios are on the Aerostar vans with 8.8" rear ends? ( and yes, I know that not all Aerostars use the 8.8")

I'm in the middle of doing an emergency axle swap under the Niva ( front end blew up, and I can no longer get spare parts - kinda limping along right now, hopign it doesn blow totally before I can get the new axle set up!!) Once I get the front end in, I'll be swapping an 8.8" under the back to match the new D30 front for wheel lug circle, and width. Any info on the ratios would be appreciated, especially crossover info on the vans, as Aerostars are common in the local you pull it yard, but Explorers can be hard to find.

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Re: 8.8\" ratio Q\'s

This forum doesn't get a whole lot of traffic, but I did a little checking for ya.

Aerostar axle codes.
Exploder axle codes

Hope that helps.
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Re: 8.8\" ratio Q\'s

Another site to check for identification.
It's from Havack's Broncodata site.
Re: 8.8\" ratio Q\'s

I have my own idea about what I 'may' do for a 4 wheel disks setup, but I'd like to see what others have done first.
Unfortunately, I'm not able to help with that question.
But, if you pop over to the Full Size Bronco/Truck Forum, and do a search for "rear disk conversion", or "rear disk", or.....
I think you'll find some information.
No ones done the conversion yet, but there's certainly been a lot of discussion and ideas thrown around lately.

The search function still isn't working, (as I'm sure you know.
However, if you use the search button on the lower right hand corner of the initial forum contents page, it'll work.
Good luck!
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