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\'79 4x4 buying advice needed

Hey everyone, I need your help here. I've got a chance to purchase a '79 Ford F-150 4x4. It has stock suspension, a 3" body lift, and 35 inch Thornbirds. Has a 400 engine, bored .030, RV cam, edelbrock intake, carter carb. 45K on engine, 15K on rebuilt tranny. 3.55 gears. Body is a little rough, but the interior is pristine. What do you think is a fair price for a truck of this description? He's asking $4000 and I'm just wondering if I'm about to get rooked. I appreciate any advice and help you can give. Bryan

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Re: \'79 4x4 buying advice needed

sounds like a pretty good deal to me. you might try to talk them down but dont expect it, if it is in good running condition. here in South Texas the pre 80 ford trucks carry a high resale. i sold on of my 78 broncos for 7000.00 and it was just a good clean stock truck. no real mods. just check it out real well.
Good luck
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