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I hav a 73 CJ-5 with a 360/T-150/D20tcase/D30 front,44 rear.Ive ben having trouble with trannies for the last few years and am ready to start over...almost. ive replaced or rebuilt my T-150 at least 3 times so far. I know now that i could have bought a T18 for what ive spent on T150's....hindsight as they say.. but now i think i want an automatic. i found a guy with a wagoneer , bad motor, for $500. can i fit his TH400 and Qtrack in my jeep...ive been told by shops that NO auto will fit and then I see or hear about the same setup that they told me WONT work....WORKING (i was going to go 350/350/? last time i replaced the motor). also.. ive heard different opinions of the stoutnes of the QTrack (ie. Quadra-Crap)(Is the Q a 2 speed T-case? i think it is?)would my D20 be able to bolt to the back of the TH400? are there any other better configuratins? one thing id like to avoid is adapters, how can they cahrge so much $$$$ for a piece of metal??? plus i believe they would add length (true?)that I cant Afford. any help is appreciated, especially the kind that starts with "When I converted mine...." but i dont mind hearing about a friend-of-a-friend in cleveland.....THANKS SO MUCH YOU GUYS THIS IS AN AWSOME BOARD!!!!


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I think WILL has the same setup but in a 79' how much longer is your wheelbase, how long is your driveshaft, does the front driveshaft hit the tranny??????


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ok.. first your d20 wont bolt to a t400, without an adapter. can you make this automatic fit. probably, but your rear drivedshaft will be like 13" in total length.. really short. and with the quadra you will need the rear end.. and it is a bit wide. (it must be off-set) is it a good set up? yes.. i like them. there one weakness is the chain will stretch out (especially with a v8) every so often.. then just replace the chain. about 100 bucks. hook up with Elusive, he has ran plenty of them.
for that kind of money.. i would drop in a t18 and be done with it.. the d20 will bolt up and is a much stronger tranny. should be able to find one about 500 bucks or so..

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if your driveshaft will be horizontal, you might be able to fit that drivetrain. i have a 17" rear driveshaft. with the cj5's 10" shorter wheelbase, you should have about 6-7" for a driveshaft. or you could forget the transfer case and run a longer driveshaft.


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I agree with what everyone has said. I run a th400 in my CJ7 and swapped out the q-trac and put in a Dana20. It ain't a simple bolt on deal.

1.Can you fit an auto in a CJ5? probably. I'm sure it has been done...with difficulty. The th400 is pretty damn long. Longer than some autos, like a th350, I think. My rear driveshaft is pretty short in my CJ7 and angles can get bad with 4" of lift or more and that long tranny. Front shaft on the other hand is about 2 miles long and small tubed because of clearance problems with the trans. pan.

2. Quadra trac. I'd say the vote is about 50:50 on this t/c. You either love it or hate it. I got rid of mine. The "downsides" of it include chain wear causing it to slip over the gear teeth...mine blew out the side of the case; the vacuum actuated engagement with its rubber tubing which I didn't like/trust; if its still full time, special $8-10 quart gear oil. Also, if you decide to use it, you will need a offset rear axle to match the q-trac. Is it stout?...if properly maintained probably...but you can abuse a gear driven case like the D20 alot more.

3. Is the q-trac a two speed case? Yes and no. if it has the low range unit atached to the back of the case, yes. If it doesn't you can find one and bolt it on. The low range is a must and does have a lower low (2.4:1 ??) than your Dana20 (2:1).

4. Can you bolt a D20 to the th400? Yes, with either a factory adapter from a jeepster or old jeep truck with the th400/d20 set up, or a $500 AA adapter. You'll also need a different tailshaft for the th400(a new one or the one out of the donor) AND you'll need the D20 from the donor pickup or jeepster as there are different input gears between the two styles of D20 (auto. vs. manual). Is all that worth the effort? Probably not unless you already have a th400 in place and wanted to get rid of the q-trac.

Having said all of this, I think the best/easiest/cheapest route is the t-18 and be done with it.

Hope this helps.


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sure you could.... but why??
i know a guy running a 401 with a tf 999 and dana 300 in a cj-5...his rear driveshaft is only 9" long... and i am sure that the th 400/q-track is longer than the tf727(or999)/dana 300
and.. the tf 727 bolts up.. i did it yesterday.. but you will have to get a dana 300

it's sort of still a cj thingy....

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Ok, my experience with my '86 CJ7:

Chevy 305 / th400 / "homemeade adapter" / D300 / D44

With the engine set as far *back* as it will go (about 1" clerance for the HEI),i still have a rear drive shaft of about 22".

Now, the '73 CJ5 is 10" shorter than a CJ7, so how to get a decent length rear shaft ??

From the cooling fan to the radiator, i have about 4-5" of clearance.
If i used a "short" style water pump, i would gain about 1-2" more.
If i removed the mechanical fan, and used an electrical fan, i would gain about 1-2" more.
If i used the (very rare !!), '80 D300, i would gain 1 more inch.

If this is a trail-only machine, remove the rad, and mount it to the tailgate, use a couple of electrical fans and drill some (a lot of !!) 2" holes in the tailgate. You *will* hate the whine of the fans after a while....

So, to sum it all up, i could easy gained 6-7", by moving the engine forward and used a short style water pump..

Since i now has a 21" shaft, that would give me a 27" shaft. In a '73 CJ5, that should be about 16-17" shaft ....

IDK what kind of handling you would get, with all the weight up front
(Which was my prime reason for moving the engine as far back as possible...)

Also, note that my adapter is only 1.5" thick, and uses *no* "stub" shaft.
Which means that the ouptput splines of the th400 has to match the input splines of the D300 (23 splines).
The adapter is "simply" a 1.5" thick piece of alu, with a machined recess for the input bearing retainer of the D300 *and* the 2 bolting circles located on the same centerline. Not very hard to do, *but* you *must* have access to a decent machine shop....
I have some pictures laying around somewhere...

IDK if this is applicable to the AMC 3xx /401 engines ...

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The Q-tach has a 2.57:1 low range. The only stock jeep x-fer case that beats it is the dana 300, 2.6:1 if I remember right. I run a q-tach and I love it for a few reasons. I do not like the clutter of five damn sticks in my cockpit. I can put a full locker up front without problem due to a part time adapter kit for the x-fer case sold by Mile Marker. It puts locking hubs up front so you can run a full locker up front and just disconnect when you want to steer like a normal person. There is only one stick located in the cockpit and it is very out of the way. The stick is short and is located near the drivers seat frame. There are some drawbacks to the case. One bieng the chain. With a part time conversion kit you should not even start to check the chain until you have around 50-60,000 miles on it. If it does have some slop, order a new chain, $134 dollars delivered to your door. The front shaft does have some clearance problems with the tranny, I have yet to solve this without lengthened bumpstops. You should always make sure that when running on road your tires are at the same pressure. The transfer case also has a diff. that splits the power 50/50 front and rear. If you constantly neglect to check the tire pressure you can destroy the diff. One upside to the Q-tach is that although the pumpkins are located on one side, Many Wagoneers had this x-fer case so finding some Dana 44's is an inexpensive breeze, most people can not use the offset pumpkin. Also, the front shaft is a CV style, I toasted one before I realized that it hits the tranny, it is my first jeep and I was a novice:). The good point is that I found 8 used shafts in good shape by placing two ads on 4x4 sites. The prices for the shafts in good condition ranged from $45-60, no big deal. I also like the q-tach b/c in the future one of my ideas is to move the 350 motor forward about six inches and then mount a Klune V box between the tranny and the x-case. Then I can only have 2 discreet sticks in my cockpit and a 4:1 or 2.57:1 or a combo of the two in either 2X4 or 4X4, 10.28:1 in the x-fer cases alone with no loss in driveline length, and no super expensive x-fer case kits. Just think about it for a moment, nice huh. This case does have some drawbacks, but as long as you perform regular maintenance the case is great. I forgot which racing team had it in their truck, maybe someone remembers. At any rate, one of the BAJA teams used a Q-tach for 4 or 5 years before they switched. A BAJA truck used one for that long, obviously they found some reason to keep it around for so long. At any rate, I am rambling. I guess that I am going through premature withdrawls from my jeep. The body shop has it and we are going to have to sue them and the Insurance company to get the thing fixed properly. We have put up with them since last May and they are not letting me see my jeep, nor take it to another qualified body shop for repairs. I think they should all be seperated from their families until I get my jeep back to let them know how it feels. What they are doing is just fu*ked up! Well, I feel a little better now.
In summary, the q-tach is a good x-fer if you check it while doing regular maintenance. If I were you I would spend some time at the drawing board looking at tranny lengths, x-fer case widths, etc. I hope that your project turns out succesfull.

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