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I check with a couple of the local parts place and most don't carry any of the Master rebuild kits for the 727 and the one that said they could get one said they were $350 CDN. I'll check a couple of the local trans shops tomorrow and see if they will sell me the parts, but around here they tend to mark up their stuff a lot.
Has anyone used one of the kits JCWhitney sell? Are their kits any good? They list 3 different kits, it looks like the most expensive one has a shift kit in it. Is a shift kit worth while for a machine that I want to "flow" over the rocks.
I understand the stock 727 doesn't have pump pressure while in park, now one of the guys at a trans shop said their shift kits had a new valve, I thinks he said "manual valve" that came in their shift kit that fixed that problem. Anybody heard of that before? Do all shift kits come with a new manual valve?


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I'd not be afraid of using the JCW parts rebuild kit. If the shift kit does come with that vavle and update it's good if you're doing a lot of idling in hot weather. The shift kit will also let you have a wider window as to where YOU want the transmission to shift. Once set though, you're stuck with your choice untill you tinker a bit more.

As an example: The The TransPak kit offers more manual control. You can hold the transmission in low gear. I will not shift by itself like normal. You can downshift into low whenver you want. However, it's still an AT. You may even want to get exotic and have a special TC built to your specs.

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