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727 clearances

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I have purchased a amc 360 and an TF 727 to put in my cj7,i have been on a fact finding mission as to how to go about it,i came across some info on another foroum,but it confused me more than helped,they were talking about how the 727 efects driveshaft cj7 has a 4" suspension lift on it and when i check all the angles with my inclinometer,it appears that it should work o.k.but thats with the stock drive shaft,(are they strong enough for 33" tires 4.56 gears and a 360)has anyone hear done this swap? and what did you do?(i've also read about going to a two piece drive shaft,but that seems like a cumbersom ugly fix)TIA

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with a 4" lift you shoudn't have too much of a problem. If you still have clearance issues you can have a pan cut and welded, I've seen it done a few times. It was done in 4 wheel & off-road this month on the dakota on the cover.

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With your 4" lift you will be fine with your clearence, you might get up against the pan a little at full flex but even if it dents the pan it won't hurt anything. I am running the stock size shafts with a 360, 727, 300, 4.27 gear, lock-rights and 35" boggers, so far no problems at all and I have put it thru the tests several times.
It will be a good setup for you.


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