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I was given a 72 W200. It has a 360, 727 torqueflite. It has 8 lug axles, The rear is fullfloating, is it a dana 60? Is the front a dana 44? Also, what transfer case would it have. I'm thinking about building this truck up for fourwheeling so I dont tear up my IFS chevy anymore. So, if anyone has any info on this year of dodge let me know. Thanks

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Yes, the front should be a dana 44 and the rear should be a dana 60.
I'm not sure on the transfer case. Up till 1969 the NP200 and 201 were used. In 1974 the 205 was started being used with the 203 being used from 77-79. You'll just have to look for a tag on either the front or rear of the case between the front and rear shafts.
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