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Hi folks, just recently come across a 71 DT1 F Yamaha 250 Enduro.
It had been sitting in a garage for 4 years and have started (weather allowing) to start it up.
I am in need of a owners manual if someones got a copy on their computer and would be willing to send it.
I have the service/repair manual.
I worked at my local Yamaha shop when I was a kid, its been 30 years since I've ridden and really looking forward to it if it would stop snowing and warm up a little.
The previous owner premix'd and the line from the oil tank has been removed, i would like to put it back when i can.
Its a strange bike, no ign. switch, just 2 toggles on the headlight (it looks factory), though i doubt it.
Does anyone know the difference between the F and the E?
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