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I am picking up a new to me 57' CJ5 tomorrow... 16K original miles, I will be the second owner /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif/wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif! It still has the original 6V positive ground system in it, anybody have a writeup on a conversion?



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Conversion isn't hard.
(I can get you a six volt Delco 10 SI alternator if you want to keep the thing basically stock. We sell a bunch of them for farm tractor conversions)

If you insist on converting it to 12 volts,
1. Convert to a 12 V. alternator. (if you have polarity problems, you may have to run an isolated ground alternator so you can control the ground)
2. Get a 12V. battery.
3. Change all of the light bulbs. (you don't have to do this right away, but you will have to shortly, the bulbs won't take the 12V for long.
4. Get a resistor for your gauges and instruments.
5. Grab a six pack and kick back.
If you have one of the positive ground systems, you may have some strange problems with switching and stuff.
Your starter doesn't care what polarity you feed it, it will turn the same way, but some of the old starter drives won't take the added torque of the 12V. upgrade, so when it croaks, get a 12V. starter.

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