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Does someone know of any companies making floor pans for my 69 jeepster. Or should I just get some steal and weld it in ? The 69 I want to build for myself Has alot of rust in the floor but the rest of it is pretty solid. Now the 69 for my wife has to be perfect so I would prefer an actual floor pan if someone makes them. Her floor pans are just starting to rust. Just for you guys that have been keeping up with me, just thought I would let you know she has chosen the 3/4 ton truck to be the drivetrain. She wants it to be bigger and badder than her brothers FJ40 that was seen in the pics. She is wanting to run 38 inch tires or maybe a little bigger so I geuss I should hack the 3/4 frame under the jeepster body. Don't know if it can be done but fixing to find out this weekend when I start on it. I know the axles and tires will clear the body by far but thats waht Momma wants so thats what Momma gets, right!

Whats hers is hers and whats mine is hers. lol.

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