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Have my eye on 1 of several rear fully floater 60s at the local wreckers, my bad boys out of 350 van. But before i negogate price with the wrecking yard cats want to know what exactly goes into a disk conversion! In the bronco tech page of this site there is a good write up on such a conversion To paraphrase, article suggest stripping off drums and installing a braket to hold caddy rear calipiers and use chevy front 8 luger rotors. The grey area is will the 8 luger rotor have to be machined to fit the stock hub and will the stock hub work on such a conversion, any info would be cool the E-cables I'll figure something out!

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well i dont know specifics, but what i was going to do with mine was find a brake caliper holder, bolt it to the end of the axle, the two hole kind or just cut another so it will bolt on. then find a rotor that will go on the hub, might start getting tricking now.. and then the e brake.. mmm... i havent made up my mind yet. i like the line lock idea... and you will need longer wheel studs.. sorry i cant be more specific.. i have only been thinking of it. havent done it yet.

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