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6 lug one ton axle?

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I found this web page. Looks pretty interesting. You really think it's worth it, or just get a 3/4 14 semi floating?

just saw the price, 2g's and it's a semi-floating.
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It looks to me like a glorified 14SF. Nothing too rare. You can pick them up for $400 at just about any junkyard. You can build one at the stealership for $1300.

You can machine the hubs of a 14FF down to 4.125" and run 6 lug wheels on it. People make "adapters" to go from 8 lug to 6 lug but doesn't solve the problem that most aftermarket 6 lug wheels have a hole in the middle no bigger than 4.25". 14FFs have hubs 4.5" in diameter.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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