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ya.. my last 258 would out gun my buddies.. stock crate 305 in his jeep... that thing was nutless compared to my 258... but compared to my tired 401.. doesnt come close.. .
h8 is right.. i really good 258.. is a damn fine motor.. but.. compared to a mildly built v8.. it doesnt hold a candle to it..

listen to ole h8.. talkin trash only days after his engine swap.. what happened to that... i have a 4 cyl.. and its all i need for the rocks out here.. blah blah crap?
hehehehe... someone has seen the light..

84 CJ-7 401/T-18/D20/D44/D60w/4.10&Detriots/YJ frame & tub/35x16x15 Boggers
survival is instinct, but living takes guts
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