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the kit comes w/4 3" lift springs, 4 Black Diamond XT shocks and the installation kit (bushing, u-bolts, etc.). is this a good deal? what about the springs? this is for my '77 cj-7, 304v8, hardtop in the winter. it is also my daily driver with occasional off-roading, mostly muddy trails, a few rocks, etc. any and all advice appreciated. oh yeah, will i need anything else, pitman arm, transfer case drop...?
i also plan to run 33's


Careful if the kit is through Trailquest. Brand name parts are fine, but his other stuff (sway-bar disconnects/u-bolt skid plates) stink...

Warn offers a "box" kit with new u-bolts, pitman arm, etc... make sure it comes with this box. The XT's shcoks are better than AT's (what I have) with 3.5" lift... it's getting softer. There are some out there that don't like the Warn BD kit (too stiff). It might be worse on the narrow CJ springs...
Personally, I love my kit...

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