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5\" round mirror source

I need to replace the stock rear view mirror on my 67 CJ-5. It is a round 5" flat glass mirror. Everything I find is a convex mirror. I've seen some kits somewhere, but just need the mirror, not the arm and brackets. Have had suggestions to just replace the mirror glass, but the housing is rusted/dented and I need a new one.
Anyone know a source?

89 XJ-stock, 83 CJ-7/4.0HO-t18-d300-locked-2.5" rancho-32 bfg mt, 79 Blazer/454-t400-np205-locked-4w disc-35 bfg mt, 67 CJ-5/231-t18-d18-4.88-front disc-rear 11" drum/front locked/30-9.50's
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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