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I test drove a 1999 dodge ram with the 318 today...

Ran, and drove GREAT, got onto some dirt, I decided to test out the 4wd...

Got it into 4wd low, WOW tourqey!
Stuck it in 4wd high, worked great.
But, it WOULD NOT go back into normal 2wd... I played with it for like 15 minutes.
I also noticed a ticking noise when I was going forward, it was coming from the front end, and also there was a noise when I turned and the steering wheel reached the end of its stroke.

I ended up having to drive it back to the dealer in 4wd.
One of the employees couldent get it back into 2wd either.

Its in the shop now.

From what I discribed does it sound serious?
If its somthing simple like one of the lock out actuators is bad or somthing should I still consider this truck?

There is only 76,000 miles on it.

Is this common to stick in 4wd?
And is a ticky, slightly grindly noise normal when the vehicle is in 4wd?

The guy from the dealer is suposed to call me tomarow to tell me what was up with it.
He said "he would make it right", But it is a used car sales man... you never know what they got up their sleeve.

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One of our city trucks (Dodge 4x4) was making a noise like that. It turned out to need a new transfer case rear output bearing.

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The guy called me today.

He said it was just that the vaccum line that opperates one of the lock outs was pluged.

Im going to drive it again tomarow.

Any specific things to look for/test for.
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