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I really don't have the money to spend on the 200.00 4x4 posilok and the thing looks so simple to make. My vacuum actuator for the front axle isn't working(I checked everything) so I'm stuck without 4WD. It's been mentioned on here how to fab one for cheap before so I'll check it out but if anyone has created one I'd like to know how. Thanks a lot.

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A few ways.

1. Make it manual. Remove the cover from the vac disconnect, and it becomes a "hub" that you reach under the jeep and move it in and out. I did this for a while.

2. Go to pepboys, get a lockable cable actuator that's like 6-8 feet long (about $15-20? if I remember?). Find a way to connect it to the center pin of the vac disconnect and secure the shield of the cable. Done. I'm in the middle of doing this now.

3. Some guys use manual vacuum switches and control it themselves, still using vacuum down to the axle.

Good luck
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