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4wd usage question

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I have a '79 CJ7 and was wondering if for example I enable 4wd and lock my hubs for driving on snow, if/when I get to an area that has been cleared I disengage the 4wd but should I also unlock the hubs if I'm going to re-engaging it again soon?

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When I use to live in Detriot nearly evertbody I knew lock their hub at the first site of winter and ran all winter till spring with the hubs lock in 2wd

You can keep hubs locked any time unless Jeep has locker in front end. Just don't put in 4wd on pavement

If you are on the pavement you can run it in 4wd for short periods (say between snow patches). The YJ doesn't have a centre diff such as Landrover 90/discoveries which is why they can have permanent 4wd. If left in 4wd you would damage drive train due to "unreleased" torque between fore and aft wind-up. As long as you don't a locker in the front you are a'reit (as they say here) with hub locked as the previuous poster said

my 2p

93 YJ with upgrades (and it is Blue!)
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