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Does anyone know how the 4wd switch in a Dana 300 T-case is activated and where it is? I put a new tranny in my 85 CJ7 several months ago and during that process, I removed the shift lever from the transfer case to make it easier to remove from the vehicle. Ever since then the 4wd light in the instrument cluster does not work. The wire is connected, but I have not had the time to investigate further. I assume that grounding the wire will activate the light and that will tell me if that is working. Do I have to try adjusting the shift lever?



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The switch you are talking about is replacable... You could remove it and test it with a simple ohm meter. There is a spring loaded ball bearing on the bottom of it that is pushed up when engaging 4wd.

I suspect that your theory on grounding the lead is correct as a test of the 4wd indicator circuit. Without the schematics, I can't say for sure though.

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The switch is a simple 1-wire item located on top of the transfer case, just behind the lever. When in 4wd, it is grounded and activates the "on" light.
The top of the switch, where the wire attaches, looks like a threaded stud - which accepts the wire connector to the instrument panel light.

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