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4th Transmission

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I have a 92 Jeep Wrangler with the 4cyl and AX5
transmission with a 2 ½ inch lift and 33 x 12.5 tires.

I recently talked to the PO and he told me that he had put 2
transmissions in the Jeep and that is why he got rid of it. I am
fixing to put my second one in also.

I know the AX5 is very weak but I want to know is 4
transmissions in roughly 4 years anywhere close to normal?
The PO put the lift and tires on so what I am wondering is if
he did something that is causing the transmission to go every
little while, or if the tires are causing the transmission to go.

If the tires are the problem what size do I need to run to keep
the drive line intact? 30s or maybe 31s?

What is going on here?
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I have 115K on the Jeep. It had roughly 103K when I bought it.

I am thinking maybe some drive line is out of wack or something but wouldnt that just be causing havoc on my rear end or transfer case? The transfer case is working fine though.

So I guess my real question is will 33 inch tires mess up your transmission, or do I have some kind of wacky transmission problem?
As far as I know it is stock gears. I am looking at smaller tires but what size should I go with to keep the tranny problems away?
The last guy who rebuilt the tranny for me “said” he rebuilt it. I was having problems with synchronizers and he told me that they were all ok. I still don’t believe him. It stuck this time coming out of second and completely jammed. The other two times the PO had it rebuilt. I am planning on taking it to a well known rebuild shop up in Tulsa and having it rebuilt this time but was kind of leery since this will make the second one I have put in. I don’t want to keep putting them in every year!
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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