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I saw a Jeep this weekend at the MDA for Hope run in San Diego county that made me drool. It had a 454 Chevy big block and a Whipple
supercharger. Made about 600hp. Absolutly awesome.


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You should come to some of our competition events here in the Midwest. Here are just a couple of examples of what you'd see:

488 in an S-10 - 775HP on gas. No NOS, no blower.
477 in a Land Cruiser - 925 hp on alcohol & NOS - no blower.
509 in a CJ7 - 720HP on gas. No NOS, no blower.
439 in a CJ5 - 740HP on alcohol. No NOS, no blower.

And this is just the stuff in "Super Stock" & "Pro Stock".


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