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Re: 44\'s out of a Wagoneer...

It's not an act of futility, but it's not a no-mods swap either. Wagoneers have wider frames, so the spacing between the spring pads on the axle housings is greater than on a CJ. This is no big deal on the rear...just relocate the spring pads. On the front, however, Dana 44's have one of the spring pads cast as part of the pumpkin, so you can't move it. You have to either shorten the driver side (remove knuckle, cut tube, weld knuckle back on, have axle shaft cut and re-splined), or hang your springs outboard on the frame which requires some fab work to do. BTW: Did you verify that the front pumpkin is on the correct side for your Jeep (Wagoneers came both ways)? You might want to reconsider the outside the frame headers depending upon your flavor of wheeling (if you wheel). TH400? I may be mistaken as there might be a version that was used with the Dana 20, but most if not all of those (AMC version) were used with Quadratrac and have a fairly long output shaft...don't think you can use the GM 400/300 adapter with this and I'm not sure that there's an adapter available for this application. Dunno if you've researched this or not.
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