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Just in case anyone is considering swapping in a 435 into a YJ:

I just finished bolting up my 435/203 doubler/EBD20 and measuring rear drive shaft length. Length from center yoke to center rear u joint is 20 inches, I have roughly 6 inches of lift. This is about 1~2 inches longer (ie: the drive shaft is longer) than what I had before: AX15, Np231 with SYE. This means the 435/203/20 combo is about 1~2 inches shorter than the ax15/231SYE combo.

The 203 doubler increases the overall transfer case adapter length by about 2 inches. This means that if I was just using the 435 with an early bronco dana 20, and was using the usual 7.5 inch adapter between them that most people use, I would have expected to gain about 3~4 inches in rear driveshaft length.

In addition, if you raise it as high as you can, it does not hang down any lower that the stock cross member would have been. For instance, the bottom of the stock exhaust is going to be lower than the bottom of the 20, which is the lowest point on the whole combo. That is not to say you can use your stock skid plate - I'm going to have to have Rico custom make mine to take advantage of as much clearance as possible - but it does mean that it should be possible to put in the 435/20 without losing ground clearance if you put some effort into making the cross member skid plate. I'll know more about exactly how this sits within 2 weeks.

This is all hooked up to the 4.0 I6.


Chad Lloyd 95 YJ 4.0 NP435 203 EBD20 woodies D44s 4.88 detroits SOA revolvers 35 X 15.5 SXs 8274
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