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i just installed the 401 in my cj-7 and have ordered the advance adapters' th400
to dana 300 tc adapter and was curious as to what i will need to do to my drive shafts, i have not put the trans in yet as i am waiting to get the adapter.
any help from someone who has done it would be appreciated. thanks


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You didn't specify what your original drivetrain was comprised of so I can't get too specific. If you had a 258, manual,D-300 combo; then you will probably need to shorten your rear driveshaft and lengthen the front. Your best bet is to get the drivetrain installed and then take precise measurements. Then have a local driveshaft shop modify the old ones or make you a new set. There are also a few mail order places. Of these the only one I have any experience with is Six States in Utah. I have been very happy with every driveshaft I have gotten from them. In the unlikely event you live in the Salt Lake area Slyco and GRS are also good places to get "the shaft";-)


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You can make a rough guess, by measuring the length of the th400, the adapter, and the transfer case. Then make a stick the same length (minus the cranck snout length or simiilar..) and place it on the centre of the 401 crank. Line it up the best you can with the up/down and side-to side tilt. This should give you a rough idea where the output yoke wil be positioned.....
I discovered two things:
1. My rear driveshaft would roughly be 21-22" long and...
2. With my 4" lift kit *no way* this would work without a CV-joint....

I then bolted it all together, measured from yoke-to-yoke (21.25") and ordered a new CV-joint driveshaft from Tom Wood (former Six States dist.).

And been happy ever since....

PerJ (From Norway)
'86 CJ7, Chevy 305, GM TH400, "homemade" 1.5" thick adapter, D300 and a D44 rear axle..

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