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'71 was the first year for the 401. The only specs for that year that I could find was 330 hp. No figure for what rpm that hp came in at and no torque figures. Last year for 401's in AMC cars was '74. '74 specs were 235 hp @ 4600 rpm for single exhaust and 315 @ 3100 rpm for dual exhaust. Jeep used the 401 in FSJ's from '74-'78. Those specd out at 215 hp @ 4400 and 320 lbs torque @ 2800. The Jeep figures were all net, while the '71 car figures were still gross. The Jeep data indicates that the compression was 8.35:1. I would suspect that the early 401 car and police motors had somewhere around 10:1. I had a '76 Waggie w/401 that I had rebuilt and it was an impressive motor. I had the Edelbrock Performer intake and carb and Comp Cams HE-262 cam. If I were to do it again, I'd try to get the compression up to 8.5-8.7:1 to still be able to run 87 octane gas, (either by pistons, if available or milling the heads some), use the Edelbrock Performer intake, Edelbrock Q-Jet carb, and either the Edelbrock Performer cam or some other mfgr's, (Crane or Comp Cams Extreme 4x4), cam that was one notch below the Comp Cams HE-262 that I had previously. I like a very smooth idle and high vacuum to produce great low-mid range power. Good luck.

'66 Jeepster Commando w/Buick 252/4.1L V-6
'70 Wagoneer w/Buick 350 V-8
'76 Wagoneer w/AMC 401 V-8 (sold)

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