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I have an ATC350 honda threewheeler with 12-1 comp.
motor. It really is an awesome bike but I would like
to get a fourwheeler (honda) rolling chassis and put
this motor into it and start racing quads. which bike
frame would you suggest? any info would be helpful
because I am new to the sport and can't find much
info on older honda quads.


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Well, I have been there and done that. The Honda 250x or 300ex chassis is the easiest and most cost effective swap. A little modification to the rear of the case, build a few spacers and its basiaclly done. The only diffcault step in the swap is the exhaust. I had one custom made to fit my bike.

Another possibility is the Honda 250r chassis. I am in the process of building one of these now. It is nore difficult because the frame will have to be modified to make the four stroke motor fit correctly.

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