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First off, file a complaint with your credit card company right away. They are open 24 hours usually. Dispute the bill.
The thought of loosing all ability to accept credit cards is a much better persuader than the threat of future criminal accusations....

Then Call the customer service department. If you don't get satisfaction immediately, ask to talk to the boss, if he doesn't service the account immediately, ask for his boss, and so on.
If they shine you on or give you crap, call the attorney general in your state.

Also file in small claims immediately. The sooner they get served the faster they will want to deal with you...

If the payment or shipment went through the U.S. Mail, then by all means contact the post master general right away...
It's not mail fraud, if they used UPS, but the state attorney general will still be interested.

I've found the Better Business Bureau a total waste of time, but yours might be different.

Good luck!

I'm desperately trying to figure out why kamikaze pilots wore helmets...
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