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4 Wheel parts wholesalers...part 2

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The other thread was getting too long. Time to start anew.

I like to support Jeep only shops.... or ones that deal at least primarily in Jeeps. I also like to stay away from places that sell SteelHorse products. 4Wheel Drive Hardware has almost completely removed SH from their inventory.

On Leon Rosser.... until they quite charging for their catalog I will shop elsewhere. Seven dollars... are they serious!

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I haven't read the other thread, but why support Jeep only shops more than others? I can understand that for some items, you need shops that concentrate on one make of vehicle to get real world and well tested (read: trail tested) products. But other than that?

Personally, I will spend a little extra to shop LOCALLY. That is a major concern for me - I like helping the local economy. But I must say, customer service ranks right up there too - but those are my main two concerns.

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I agree with you Larry I don't buy anything from people that charge for their catalogs.....I can barely affored upgrades to my Jeep let alone paying for a freakin catalog.

I have gotten two catalogues from Rosser in the past. Didn't pay for either of them. Placed an order, asked for a catalogue free of charge, and they did it with no questions asked. And I checked my order carefully when it was paid. Catalogues were not included in the cost.

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First off, for anyone who reads this post and may not be familiar... never confuse 4Wheel Drive Hardware (4WDH) for 4Wheel Parts Wholesalers(4WPW).

DRM (tomorrow should be winch day!),

I know you are a Toy owner and Im not sure you guys have an equivalent to my following example...

Simply put, the only reason I prefer to support Jeep only shops is because they offer parts for our vehicles that other shops dont.

For instance, I appreciate the service that 4Wheel Drive Hardware offers the Jeep community... we could virtually build an entire jeep out of their catalog. Their replacement part inventory is impressive....from the smallest bolt to entire replacement bodies. Non-Jeep specific shops dont have this inventory and without places like 4WDH we would be forced to go to the dealer for a number of parts... and we all know what dealer prices are like.

If it means 4WDH will be able to continue to provide Jeep owners with these parts, I will continue to purchase from them. (/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif unless continues to give me 33% off).

On the other hand, I can go anywhere and buy the same old, basic parts that 4Wheel Parts Wholesalers, Dick Cepak, Desert Rat and Off-Road Unlimited stock. They really offer nothing that the others dont also offer.

I dont know....does that make sense?

I have gotten the last two Leon Rosser catalogs for free also but I did pay for one a number of years ago. Still, to me it is absurd when comparing it to 4WDH, which gives theirs out for free... multiple times each year.


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Larry you were just talking about 33percent off, and after getting my latest issue of JP magazine I see that that sale will
be going until 3-31-00. It says 1/3 off all accessories (before tax and shipping). Maximum order value of 300 dollars. Offer valid thru
3-31-00. To redeem this coupon, go to: and enter this coupon code: Jeep003. One offer per household.
Offer is not valid with any other coupon or discount and cannot be applied to previous orders.
Hope that helps,

Unfortunately, the tremendous deals some of us received on Warn winches will no longer be available because jacked the prices of those winches to a ridiculous amount. Im sure there they have some other goodies for jeeps and anyone looking for parts shouold take advantage of the discount.... at least check it out before shopping elsewhere.

They run similar promotions all the time. If you register with them you will also receive special offers.

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Hey Guys,

The whole Leon Rossler charging for the catalog is very lame. I bought one over a month ago and the thing STILL isnt here. I have however found there website very informative and full of goodies and even has some helpful diagrams. Because of the fact that they do charge for there catalog, i do agree that i dont buy much stuff from the for THAT REASON and i use the website as a reference and then usually buy elsewhere. It is a GREAT site and the whole catalog is online for FREE. Sounds like a good deal to me. I love free. :eek:)

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