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I have posted this on the SWB Jeep mailing list also so I apologize if you end up reading it more than once.

1. If I wiggle my front axle shaft and there is play in it does the mean that I should change
the U-joint's? I ask b/c the shaft hits the tranny whenever I flex the suspension too much
vertically. I have the Q-tac, and this was apparently a problem with the 1976 CJ-7. The
transfer case is lowered about an inch already and I do not want to lower it anymore. I
think, if I don't do anything about this, it will just eat up u-joint's and all around not be
good. I had an idea about just going to a machine shop and having them take a 1" piece of
square tubing, and make a block to extend the bump stop down lower.

2. On a 1976 CJ-7 where do the wires go on the back of the oil pressure gauge in
relationship to the driver?

3. What the heck is the difference between an AGC fuse and an SFC,SFE,whatever,

4. My girlfriend has a Honda accord. i told her I would change her plugs/wires/carp/etc. If
the manual calls for her plugs to be gapped at .044 and my gapper has a setting at .045 will
it make a difference?

Lee R. Byrd

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You should proably spend the time lowering the bump stops if your driveshaft is getting that friendly with the tranny.

On the driveshaft you need to determine if the u-joints have play in them or the slip joint or both... If contact the tranny, does it show any signs of being bent or tweaked. I'd suggest taking the DS out and to a driveline guy, have him change the joints (my local driveline guy replaces both u-joints for about $30, I can't beat that...) and check it over making sure there are no other problems with it...

I can't answer any of your other questions.

Jim O'Brien
[email protected]
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The different letters for the fuses indicate their burn out type, fast or slow and everything in between, and in some cases are dependant upon the manufacturer. You can get a hold of a Littlefuse catalog (common brand) or a Buss catalog at a hardware store, or, if you have a specific question I might be able to help you as I have easy access to most common fuse catalogs and descriptions.

A Haynes or Chiltons manual would have the wiring for a 76 CJ and could tell you which wire goes to which terminal possibly by color and definatly from what source.

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