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any one runing this lift? how do you like it? is it nice and flexy or is it REALY stiff?

does any one have any experiance with their SYE? is it any good? i wish i had the money for a tom woods kit but its just not cost effective for me i dont do any BIG rock crawling mainly trails but i will do some crawling im sure.

sorry to ask all these questions im trying to get a lift for the yj and trying to ge all the info on all the kits that are out there.

thanks alot guys

'95 jeep yj 2" body lift to fit 31's and soon to have a new suspention lift. you cant own a jeep and not "modify" it :)

Mike, what tires are you planning on running? You already have a 2" body lift.
How high do you want to go (tire size)
Then we can figure out a lift.
6.5" lift, is for running 35" tires. Is that what you want to run?
Do you have stock axles and gears?

RE SYE, isn't bad for the money. The DS has nice degree hang \.
A lot to think about...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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