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4.2 vs 4.0

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I have a 4.2L with a Weber 38deg carb and GM HEI distributor (hey I got it before I knew about this Ford thing.) Before I go putting a cam and headers and all that good stuff on it, I want to know if y'all think it would be better to swap in a 4.0L from the junkyard or just take the head off the junkyard 4.0 and put it on my engine. Keep in mind I do a lot of 'wheeling where the engine is underwater.

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here's my motto.. go with the cheapest.. if somehow you can get your hands on a head and efi.. go with it.. but probably easier to find the whole 4.0.. and unless you have already done some work to the 4.2.. i would just do the work to the 4.0 and install that.. but make sure you get the fuel injection if you do go that way

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The 4.0 head swap works great by all accounts, but the 4.0L HO is a very good engine and if you can get one on the cheap I'd put it in. I have seen guys talk about using the 258 crank in the 4.0 but I don't know the details. Might be worth looking into.

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Well, I can get the whole engine from the junkyard, I'm not sure what they would want for it but it couldn't be more than $500 complete. I can probably pick up the head for $100. I'm worried about the computer and all the wiring in the water though, as it is not uncommon for my Jeep to go hood-deep in the local rivers and ponds.

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