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Ok just a heads up i have a 4:16 case that I ran for 6 tail runs,it is the only time this thing saw anytime. Since the rat has been tore down for the past yr. It has sat on the shelf collecting dust, I will be tearing it apart for gear inspection. and then putting it out to pasture LOL when it it goes out $450. for the hole case +sh. If you are interested let me know. Line starts here

saw you post on your transfer case and read you were going to tear down your t-case thought you could help me.i recently replaced gaskets and shifter bushing on 87 seems when i'm in 3rd gear its like being in 2nd,when in 4th seems i'm in 3rd and so 60mph i almost redline.are the gears suppose to be aligned if yes how do i do that.also t-case will not go into neutral,when in neutral position is in 4wd high.i noticed a small metal barrel about 4 inches fro shifter,on top of casing it seems loose and acts as if there is a spring under it .is this a poppet and if so what does it do and is it suppose to be loose.took t-case apart for 2nd time need to get it right this time.hope you could help. thanks gabe
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