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4.0 swap from a 4 banger in a 90 yj

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Ok, any sites out there that would give me some heads up on this job. Im pretty sure i am going to be doing the swap, so before i go into it blind, i would like to read some info on it.
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Pontiac58, I found these links...also check out the forum at they have a "sticky" with people doing this same swap, though mostly CJ's. Good Luck!

I've been doing a little research myself. I just bought a 1993 4.0 to put in my daughters 1987 Wrangler with a TF999. If anyone has done a swap like this, please let me know. I bought everything, wiring harness, computer, flywheel, crank scensor, etc, off the donor <nobr><nobr>[URL=#]<nobr>[URL]Jeep</nobr>[/URL]</nobr>[/URL]</nobr>. Thanks! Rick
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