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Hi I'm looking for some help and opinions on my first build.. I bought a 98 k1500 with the 5.7 vortec 350 that had blown head gaskets for $1000. I replaced the head gaskets and it runs great. This is the deepest ive been into an engine but I'm highly interested in learning as much as I can and starting my first build. My plan is to drive it for a bit for work and as I come up with the money and other means to get started I will be tearing it down and building from the block up for a 383 stroker. I'm highly convinced on going tt but am open to other suggestions for as little as my experience is. This build is going to be along the lines of a home built trophy truck or rally truck.. But somewhat more versatile. I have looked into the t56 tranzilla magnum setup from rockland standard gear at the end of the picture hoping it will do well off or on road depending on how I have it setup.. I will need to know more about gear ratios and anything beyond such as shift kits drive shaft or anything else I'm unaware of as well. My ultimate goal is to have a change of tires on hand each set on a rack on a flatbed I will build and the right setup for highway offroad or sand. I'm looking to do this over a matter of time long enough to do it right and afford parts as I go. Everything between the motor and wheels will need to be uprgraded as well in due time and all major componets may be swaped to a different body in the long run. I will also be building a roll cage and am open to any other modifications as necessary or preferred. Obviously I will want all forged internals I will need I'm assuming aluminum heads and to be bored 0.30 over with a 3.75 stroke. What I'm unsure of is the best parts to buy and how to build from there up to match as well as balancing and the right compression ratio for tt and the ideal boost. Also I don't know enough to understand whether efi or carb is ideal for boost or anything beyond that. Again I will be starting from the block forward as I learn what will be the best way to go. Any advice opinions or knowlege I'm lacking of starting with the build of the motor then one step at a time through the trans and all the way through suspension and elsewise will be much appreciated.
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