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The course of action proposed by Coyote Canyon Citizens Association is endorsed by CORVA and Senator Bill Morrow (ret).

Coyote Canyon Citizens Association will challenge as unlawful:

Blockage of Coyote Canyon/De Anza Road. Prohibition against public travel and maintenance of public roads that traverse the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Summer closure of Coyote Canyon and public roads and trails that traverse the canyon. Prohibition against free-range horseback riding in the park and State Wilderness Areas within the park. Reclassification of the vast majority of the park as State Wilderness.

Coyote Canyon Citizens Association will seek damages and penalties through litigation on behalf of all members for deprivation of their right to travel; and deprivations of other lawfully protected rights.

Compensation per member could come in at $25,000 - or more (estimate - actual compensation may be more or less)

Your better-half has rights, too! If you both join, household compensation is doubled!

Fight the fight for public access and take a good shot at getting paid to do it!

Let's do it! And then, if you choose, you can make a generous donation to CORVA (or a club of your choice).

WANTED! 15,000 off-roaders.

15,000 times $25,000 equals $375,000,000.

To learn more and sign-up go to: CoyoteCanyonCitizensAssociation

Keith Pullman
Director of Operations
Coyote Canyon Citizens Association
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