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360 electrical problem? Need more advice!

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I swapped and 83' Waggoner 360 into an 85' CJ7. Made sure I grounded the engine twice (on both sides to the frame) Bought a new starter solenoid, hooked it up properly but still no headlights, radio, no power reading on the voltometer or starting power.

Both fenders are off the rig as I am cutting them for TJ flares, are the fenders used as a grounding method for the starter solenoid or ignition module?

I also noticed the Waggoner's wiring harness has more plugs to plug in than the CJ7 I need to install more fuses?

This is driving me nuts......I just want to turn the key and go ; )

Thanks for any advice!

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I do believe the CJ fenders are VERY important for grounding, especially the ignition module. Try running a ground wire from the metal frame of the module to ground. Also, if you have a start solenoid, that might need to be grounded as well.

Make sure the ground from the battery to the block is good. I had this happen once and the ground cable from the negative battery post to the block wasen't very good, once fixed it worked great.
What year is your CJ????

starter solenoid also must be grounded. Normally the bolts holding it onto the fender act to ground it.

First, how did the Wagoneer harness get into this? Did you plug a Wagoneer engine harness into the
CJ firewall plug? Are they compatible? Just because it plugged in does not mean the wires go the same

You said you grounded the engine to the frame, but where did you connect the big black wire from the

Where did you hook the big red wire from the battery, and were there some small red wires that went on
the same post with it?

How did you know which plugs from the Wagoneer harness to connect where?

I think you are going to need a schematic for both the Wagoneer and the CJ and compare what goes
where. Electrical systems are not plug & play. If you want to turn the key and go, you need to do the

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