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360 electrical problem? Need advice!

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I recently finished an 83' Wagoneer 360 into an 85' CJ7. Everything to my knowledge is plugged in correctly but I have no juice even with a fully charged battery to start her up......did I miss snipping and splicing some wires together to make this swap work?

Thanks for any advice!

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(I am no machanic)
however, I just swapped my 304 into my jeep. (new motor mounts)
When I was checking for power I forgot to add the grounding strap to the motor mount and well, that helps.

When you say no power? Where are you checking?

Brian "A4x4jeeper"
Yep, I attached the ground strap to the block and frame rail.....I have no power whatsoever (no headlights, no readout on the voltometer) Someone said it may be the selenoid or an ignition wire......I'll take a look at those.

Thanks for your response.

Check to see if the "fusable links" are mounted on the proper "b+" side of the starter solenoid. The side that goes to the battery, and not the starter.

Did you use the starter solenoid from the Wagoneer with an auto trans? Was/is your CJ equipt with a manual trans? The starter solenoid for the auto trans has a separate ground wire (16 guage black wire with an elbow) that originaly goes to the neutral safety switch on the auto trans from a third small stud on the underside of the housing. If you are using the auto trans solenoid and this wire is not connected to ground, the starter solenoid will not actuate. Also be sure that the light blue wire is attatched to the "S" marked terminal of the solenoid. Hope this helps, good luck.

/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif I LOVE this much good info out there. Nothing like having an actual Jeep Dealership mechanic answering the questions/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif. Can something this good be legal?/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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that is the one thing I really miss about home. The retired jeep mechanic living 2 blocks away/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif. 99% of the time he could tell me what was wrong with only my description of the problem./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

80 CJ-7 Laredo 304v8 TF999 3.73's BFG M/T's
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