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I'm looking at putting a 350 TBI out of a Caprice into the CJ7, has anyone done this here???? I can get the engine at a good price, I know I need motor mounts, trans. adapter and all the junk out of the motor? Any major hangups????


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Radiator? Cooling? Computer ?

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I have a 305 TBI Firebird. You'll find almost everything known about TBI chevys at this board.
The heads on the caprice are swril port heads and are really bad for HP. If you want a new GM 350 TBI go to Email them. They know which heads were on the old 350 H.O. 300HP crate engine.

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What tranny do you have in the Jeep? I have an AA adapter that I'm selling that will mount a TF999/727 to a Chevy 350.

Let me know if you're interested.
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