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305 V6 to 350 swap do I need anything special?

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Taking out my old 305 V6-still runs-just lacking the torque for my dump truck. I got a nicely built 350 engine swapping in this weekend. Manual SM465 tranny. Will I need different engine mounts? And how about the flywheel/pressure plate/clutch assembly. I don't mind picking up some new stuff-but if the old clutch parts will work-it would be nice.

I will also have the running v6 available if someone is interested-its in the Virginia Beach area.

Any help on the swap is appreciated.

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You talking about a bigblock v-6 like in the old 2 ton trucks? or a 305 v-8 or a 4.3 v-6 or a straight 6?
He's talking about the old GMC 305 V6. It's an oddball motor from the days when GMC had their own. I think the last of them were put in the 68 model year.

I don't know much about them.
Its a V6 305-mainly used in late 60's GMC trucks-but appeared in some heavier trucks in the early 70's-like my dump truck.....

Anyone have info on the swap?

Check out this link,

To the best of my knowledge, everything is different on the GMC 305 V6. The motor mounts, the bellhousing bolt pattern, the flywheel, and maybe even the clutch / pressure plate bolt pattern.

dayyum ..... I never knew the general made a v-12 gas engine ....... I WANT one but at 1400 lbs might be kinda heavy for the s-10
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Ya know, it's prob a good thing yer so far away ....... I'd prob be trying to buy the v-6 from ya ... for some crazy reason I've always wanted to bump one up 10:1 do a little porting fab a 4 barrel intake and headers and cram it in a pickup.

really don't know why just a wild hair kinda thing.
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I need a 305 V6

I just bought a 1967 GMC C25 pickup this past weekend in Indiana. The truck's original engine was a 305 V6, unfortunately the engine was scapped and now has a 250 inline 6 from sometime in the late 70's I would like to bring the truck as close to original as I can and I am looking for a GM 305 V6 truck engine. Please let me know if you want to sell yours or know of someone else that has one they are willing to part with.
Thanks, Mark
FYI there's one on the Lexington, KY Craigslist.
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