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304\'s running rough

In the past 2 weeks since it started going below freezing my cj-7 been running really rough when I get on the gas (even after it gets up to temp). it seems to idle fine, but when I get on the gas I need to get it up over 2000 rpms to make it develope any power, usually I can drive it just fine around 1500 rpms. The carb was totally rebuilt in the beging of the summer and ran fine last winter, do I just have to mess with the mixture adjustment or is it something more serious.

80 CJ-7 Laredo 304v8 TF999 3.73's BFG M/T's

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Re: 304\'s running rough

/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif I would look for a broken or cracked fuel hose. You could check this by inserting a length of clear hose between the fuel pump and the filter and run the engine while you watch for bubbles, Mark. That would at least give you an idea as to whether it is actually starving for fuel due to an open line (cracked open)/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif

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