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I have a 79 Cj7 with a 304. I installed a Holley 600 carb and Edelbrock
intake. It has no smog equipment. The engine runs very smooth. The
problem is it won't idle below 1000 rpms with the idle screw all
the way out and slack in the throttle cable. I am hesitante to put
smaller main jets in for fear of running too lean. It has two vacuumn
lines, PCV valve and advance. Any help appreciated.


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Check to make sure that the throttle blades are not hanging up somewhere on a gasket,or manifold both internally and externally.
are you using a good double return spring?
check for a vaccumn leak.
Are you running ported or manifold vaccumn ?
check the ignition timing.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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