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Below are links to video from the Aug. 2 Public Meeting in Pleasant Hill, CA regarding the
Eldorado National Forest's DEIS on Travel Management.

A California Enduro Rider Assn. representative asks the agency why there are such short public review
and comment periods when it took the Forest Service over 2 years to produce the DEIS and they want
to have the FEIS completed by Christmas 2007? Agency explains that the court order and complex issues
etc. are the reasons.
YouTube - Eldorado National Forest Route Inventory Meeting in Concord

Over 300 off-roaders pack house in what many describe as the largest off-road oriented meeting in Bay Area
history. Most question the proposal to close about 75% of forest routes to OHV use.
YouTube - Large Crowd of Off-roaders at East Bay Forest Meeting

The public comment period ends on Sept. 4. The BlueRibbon Coalition filed its request for an SEIS on
Aug. 2.
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