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I just purchased a used Jeep Liberty, still under factory warranty, i drove it to Missouri from Indiana, and everything was fine, but on the way back..below the speedometer, little reddish-orange lights came on saying TYPE 43, i had no idea what it meant, my daughter looked in the back of the manual it came with and quickly called the number, they also had no idea what it meant, we then called a dealer in Rollo, MO, which is the town we were close to, spoke to the mechanic, and he had no idea, we called the dealer where we bought it, again, never heard of it, since then these words, very small, have appeared lit up several times, no one seems to know what it means...HELP!!!!!. I checked all the fluids, had a full gas tank, even a guy at Advanced Auto parts could not figure it out and he went over the book 3 times, needless to say it did scare me and it took several more hours to make the usual 8 hour trip because i was afraid to go too fast. Anyone have any idea what this means TYPE 43, Thank you, Brinda

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Take it back to the is under warrentee; they can find out from the factory what the code means.
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