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295 75R16 BFG\'s on aCJ

Just some more jeep info to all, in my never ending quest to make my CJ handle its best I have been running 16" tires on it for about the last year.I have found the 16 inchers handle far better than their equivalent size 15 inch brethen,much in part to the lower sidewall height.
the sizesI have run,all on16x7 steel spokes;
33x11.50 16 Thornbirds with 1 inch bodylift, 3/4 inch shackle lift
285 75r16 BFG MT's with 2 inch bodylift,3/4 inch shackle lift
295 75r16 BFG AT's/KO'S with 2 inch bodylift,3/4 INCH SHACKLE LIFT
The 295's do some rubbing under full compression on the bottom edge of the front fender but if Santa is good to me for xmas ,I think a swap to TJflares will solve the problem, these are truly big tires they spec in at33.4 inches tall,more than comparable with most 35's,also as the owner of a newer style ram the bolt pattern is the same so you can save some bucks here.
I hope this can be of use to anyone who wants to get bigger rubber on a Jeep for a few lessbucks, I know in my neck of the woods a suspension lift is close to 1200 CDN dollars,A 1000 RTI for rockcrawling is really not required in my geographic area,so this is money to put toward other stuff like lockers and such.

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Re: 295 75R16 BFG\'s on aCJ

it is funny that u have brought this up i was looking at tires today and saw 16 a/t tires and said to myself that they could pass for 33, any ways i just had my 33 tires mounted today and put on my 84 cj7 with a 1 1/4 shackle ( i know it is bad i am going to get smaller ones) anyways i was flexing the tires on a rock and the tires just rub against the fenderflare, i then took out my tj fender flares that i bought a couple of weeks ago that i never installed, and with the 33 the tjs will make plent O room and give the jeep a sweet look not to mention it will cover up some of the rust on the jeep! go with the Tj flares!
I then installed the 33 on my 83 wich had 40s and it took the M-O-N-S-T-E-R out of the monster jeep and made it quite better handle terrain!! (i just figure i would add this info in)
83 and 84 cj7s
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