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258 vs. 232

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I have recently swapped out my 1973 CJ5 (258 w/ T15) engine into my 1980 CJ7 (258 w/ T176) . I assumed the '73 was a 258 since it had the T-15 3-speed trans and two-piece exhaust manifold. (I have heard the 232 has a one-piece manifold). Anyway, I have the engines swapped and now my starter is trying to bind up with the flywheel. I have tried shiming the starter with no success. So now I am in the process of removing the flywheel from the '73 engine and installing the '80 flywheel.
Question: How do you determine a 258 engine versus a 232 and should there be any problems with the flywheel and bellhousing/starter setup between the two?

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I found this site to be a big help when I was trying to get positive ID of my '74 CJ5's motor/wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif(turned out to be a 232, and yes, it has a one piece exhaust manifold)

good luck/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif


'74 CJ5,232 I6,T15,Dana 30&44
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