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Ok, so my 88 yj only has the timing marks, no numbers. According to the FSM, and Chilton, there should be some numbers
down there some where. Are they coverd in grime, or non existent ? And how many degrees does each mark represent ?
According to the manual I should be 9 degrees BTDC ? But I can't tell where that's at. I had to set the timing by ear and
when the motor finally stopped convulsing I figured I got it.It runs great though...


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The original 258 in my CJ was like that. Finally I did find some numbers under all that crap but thats about all I can remember. The numbers didn't appear at first.

Can you fix it?
I got a welder and a grinder. Heck yeah I can fix it./wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif

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Yes there are numbers on the cover btween the lines and the engine, each one if I recall is equal to 2 degrees. You will have to clean the usual grease and gunk off to see the numbers.


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numbers on mine are located at the end of each line on the rear side against the timing cover,you cant hardly see them at all because
the cover extendes outward above them


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yea the numbers are there!
you have to clean off real good even though you can barely get in there!
put a paper towel on the end of a long screw driver and scrub.
when looking at the unit, 0 is on the right.
there will be a 4 and an 8.
each mark is 1 degree.
the water pump makes it hard to see the numbers almost impossible!
i assumed 0 has no mark and began counting by ones.
you will notice every other mark is slightly longer which are the even numbers.
the first mark is a short one=1.
this worked for me and i soap stoned the 9th mark.
good luck!

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