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I have a 1975 CJ5 with a 258. It has what I think is a Breakerless Ignition Distributor or BID in the book. After seeing a lot on the ways to upgrade other ignitions is there any way or use in trying to change this unit? Most of the posts say that pre 1978 are all point type ignition. Since mine doesn't fall into that I was unsure of the best way to go.



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I can't remember if it's 72 or 74 the Jeep engines went to Prestolite breakerless distributors, and that lasted until 1977.
In 1978, everything Jeep went to Motorcraft distributors until 1990.
A motorcraft distributor will drop right into your engine... And the rest is beer and gravy after that...
If you need details, post here, and we here on the BBS WILL help....
Later, Aaron.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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